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APPstinent - alcohol emergency

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Have you decided not to drink any more alcohol? Is your goal to stay abstinent and you are currently in a difficult situation?This guide may support you in this situation and help you to say no and act in an abstinent way
This guide may be helpful for alcoholics but also for people who decided to stay off alcohol for other reasons. You may click on this APP in difficult situations where you could be tempted to drink or perhaps you have already have broken your decision to stay off and need help. This APP does not replace any face to face counseling or therapy. It helps you to stay sober right when things get tough. It may remind you of the reasons why you decided to stay sober. The reasons to relapse may be negative or positive emotions. Or you may feel the temptation to test yourself to see if you can stop drinking after only one glass. Or perhaps you simply feel like having an alcohol drink. Note: Controlled drinking rarely really works if you have some kind of addictive pattern working within you. "